something one would say to show how much they really don't care
-omg my dog got hit by a car today, my teacher slapped me, and my boyfriend broke up with me!
by veggieness April 5, 2005
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A way to reply to a statement when you can't think of anything good or helpful to say back.
-I think im going to fail out of college and have to move back home.
by What in Tarnations? October 17, 2006
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when u dont care.
him: its my bday !!
by zayy4L January 20, 2022
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The word used in the exact moment when one's own stupidity is realized.
Don't eat that! It's toxic!

by guju bhai annonymous December 3, 2007
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means that ur just so over everythig and u cant do anything bc ur too sad and cant do anythig and all you can do is say oh
dog: woof

you: hewow you cute doggie

mum: the dogGie isnt rEal

you: oh
by itsnotworkinglol May 28, 2019
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as in you dont care what they have to say your sick of hearing them blabber and just want them to shut the hell up
"dude help me out seriously, stop sittin around"
by Mr. Jangles June 18, 2006
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1. The moment of realization.
2. What you say when you didn't care what someone said and/or you weren't listening.
3. Most people say it when they're hurt.
4. A sound of surprise with joy.
4b. A sound of surprise with disgust.
Me: "What's 2+2?"
Little Brother: "Uhhh, I don't know."
Me: "4."

Little Brother: "OH."

Me: "What?" *stares off into space*
Me: *blinks and looks back at her* "Oh."

Me: "Actually, Billy was asking Carmelita out."
Friend: "oh..."

People: "SURPRIIIIIIIIIISE!" *reveals surprise party*
Me: "OH! Thank you so much!"
Little Brother: "Hey look in my tissue!"
Me: *instictively looks over but cringes* "OH...EWWWW."
by KittyLove4Days June 28, 2017
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