to face a blunt. to smoke a blunt of marijuana by yourself.
yo i just faced that dub kidd
by impreza12 July 20, 2006
Its the thing thats on the front of your skull .... you dumbass
by merces October 10, 2008
an expression used to "burn" someone.
my boyfriend is waayy hotter than yours... FACE!
by cinnamonnapplejacks August 26, 2008
To receive an "F" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referring to as an ace, receiving an "F" is referred to as a face.
Nick: "Holy shit, brozay, I think i really fukked up that test."
Joe: "You passed though, right?"
Nick: "Dude, I don't know...I think I might've faced that shit."
by stockman09 January 5, 2008
in the days of mods, the face was the top mod to look up to, as opposed to the regular tickets or numbers. you always copy the face's dance moves. the ace face is the top of the aces.
"I am the face, she has to know me, i'm dressed up better than anyone within a mile" -Jimmy from Quadrophenia
by Luna August 31, 2003
Face (n) - How the public as a whole views an individual or group. Having face is having a positive reputation.
What you could have taught me would have saved some face.

The class president lost face when word spread about her abortion.
by Jim June 7, 2004
An awesome word that can be substituted for any other word in the english language.
Portions of words can also be partially substituted. More extremely, face can also replace whole sentences.

Referring to someone's face instead of talking to them like they are a person is also accepted.
Example 1:
When is your face coming to my face for facing?
Translation: When are you coming to my place for games?

Example 2:
Glen's face says to ask your face if your face wants his face to order your face that Razor face.
Translation: Glen says to ask you if you want him to order you that Razor mouse.

Example 3:
Glen - Face?
Pearse - Face soon!
Glen - Are you awake yet and are you coming over tonight to watch Starcraft and if so, what time are you coming? Do you need a lift?
Pearse - Yes, I'm on my way and will be there soon.
by G Fordham March 1, 2009