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To release gas through the penis. WARNING – This may indicate a potentially life threatening medical condition. A person suffering from this may have a fistula, you can read up on this on the internet, but this case it means that there is a hole between the prostate and rectum. You must get treatment for this, see your doctor. If there is any faecal discharge go to A & E or the Emergency Room at your nearest hospital immediately do put this off about your life may be in danger.
Charlie used to kweef a lot and ended up in hospital on life support because he didn’t have the sense to see his doctor.
by AKACroatalin April 22, 2015
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When a girl farts out of her pussy.
When a girl farts from her pussy.
by tyler September 01, 2004
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The expulsion of vaginal gas; a pussy fart.
"You are such a queef".
"I was cornholing my ol' lady and she queefed".
by Jebus December 30, 2004
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(Noun) Slang for vagina, usually used to describe a very bad smell.
Normal Guy: Aw, dude it stinks in here! Don't you smell it?

Sick Guy #1: Ahhh, glorious... isn't it?

Sick Guy #2: Yes, indeed. I do love the smell of kweef in the morning.

Normal Guy: ......You guys are fucking douches.
by Miner 69'er August 22, 2006
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a jujub or soft candy that elementary school kids use as a funny insult
kid 1: trick or treat smell my feet gemme sumthing good to "insert name" is a kweef!
kid 2: HAHAHAH lol
by ARCANE(zan) November 16, 2006
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Someone who acts gay for a laugh but is very straight, they make look gay but not nessecerily are, they may just like to take pride in there appearance or just like to look good. They are usually increadibly vain
Robbie: Your so gay
Me: Thats not what your mum was saying last night.
Robbie: What?
Me: Yeh i'm not gay, i'm just kweef
by Coopie June 17, 2005
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