When you're so done that you can't even finish the sentence.
Friend: how's the end of the semester?
You: there's so many essays and tests to do i just
by efforia December 17, 2015
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when you really don't know what to say after seeing something that... omg
1) *friend shows crazy image to his other friend*
2) i just.
by w0wwwwwwwwwww October 31, 2013
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When your so overwhelmed with emotion that you have the inability to share your specific opinions
Omggg i love queer eye so much! The fab 5 are all so great I just-
by Whysocolddonttakemysmurfshoes November 6, 2019
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What you say when you’re cooking and someone walks into the kitchen saying “Mmmmm.... it smells so good in here!”
As I slave away at the stove, cooking dinner for my party guests, one of my buddies wives says Mmmmmm... it smells so good in here! My response: I just farted.
by goodlord! January 5, 2021
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Being soooo happy.

So excited. As if you just came. Yes, that excited.

Happier than sex.
Samah: Look at all this amazing food!
Jonathan: Wow! OMFG!!! So much foood!!! I just came.

Sweeta: Look! Free porn!
Jonathan: Uh oh. I just came.
by asswhole_with_a_dubya February 15, 2010
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When something really funny happens and you laugh so hard it feels like you just died.
1: (Says the funniest thing ever)

1: Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard?!
2: OMG, I just died!
by PP3A2 December 13, 2009
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