When you're so done that you can't even finish the sentence.
Friend: how's the end of the semester?
You: there's so many essays and tests to do i just
by efforia December 16, 2015
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when you really don't know what to say after seeing something that... omg
1) *friend shows crazy image to his other friend*
2) i just.
by w0wwwwwwwwwww October 30, 2013
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When your so overwhelmed with emotion that you have the inability to share your specific opinions
Omggg i love queer eye so much! The fab 5 are all so great I just-
by Whysocolddonttakemysmurfshoes November 05, 2019
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Its when you bust so goddamn hard
man: *beats his dick to a hot lady he would never be able to get with*
man: I just nutted.
man: I need friends.
by bigsexy4231 January 27, 2017
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Being soooo happy.

So excited. As if you just came. Yes, that excited.

Happier than sex.
Samah: Look at all this amazing food!
Jonathan: Wow! OMFG!!! So much foood!!! I just came.

Sweeta: Look! Free porn!
Jonathan: Uh oh. I just came.
by asswhole_with_a_dubya February 14, 2010
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The meanings of "I just sharted"
1. Its when you fart to hard and you shit your pants
2.Describes what you do when your scared "oh my god dude..I just sharted.."
3.when you sundely fart very hard when your in class and shit comes out
4. Or its just a way of saying "I just shit and farted at the same time"
Person 1: "I have to shit really bad dude."
Person 2: "go to the restroom then.."
Person 1: *farts to hard and shits* "dude..I just sharted"
by derpduck February 16, 2015
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What you say when you’re cooking and someone walks into the kitchen saying “Mmmmm.... it smells so good in here!”
As I slave away at the stove, cooking dinner for my party guests, one of my buddies wives says Mmmmmm... it smells so good in here! My response: I just farted.
by goodlord! January 05, 2021
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