Georgie is a special person. They are a best friend who should be held close to your heart. A Georgie may come across as a badass, but inside, they have a soft heart which should be treasured. If a Georgie trusts you, make sure you respect that and treat them with the love and validation they deserve. They may have trauma from their past, which just proves how emotionally strong they are. Be proud of a Georgie. Show them that you care, because it will be the best feeling in the world.

A Georgie will love you to the moon and back, so you should do the same. They're strong, funny, amazing, and just so beautiful, both inside and out. Make them your world. A Georgie will never give up on you, so never give up on them.
Person 1: "Hey, have you checked up on Georgie recently?"
Person 2: "Yep! And I'm just so proud of how far they've come. I can't believe how strong they are!"
by moongoddess20 April 11, 2021
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GEORGIE is a loud abnoxious person that can literally make anyone laugh. Being close friends with a Georgie means bigger laugh attacks and more fun and crazy memories. You can make so many inside jokes with her that you can never forget about and always look back at them and think about how funny it was. If your ever in class with Georgie, just know you will probably miss the whole lesson in class and spend your time laughing, making jokes, and drawing the weirdest shit. She will always have you included in hangouts and you can always have a good time with her. YAY
by Ida Emami September 25, 2020
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Georgie Is a good person. she's beautiful in and out, she likes everyone and is always there for you. She's determined. Georgies good with relationships and has a strong, funny character. She's Amazing!
by The.Best.Names March 15, 2015
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She is a kind, carin, considerate, selfless and respectable person. Not to mention she is incredibly sexy! She thinks nothing of herself, though everyone else tells her against what she thinks everyday. She is smart, random, amazing and over all, she is just an angel. No words can describe her properly. I love you georgie, and i always will. <3
If you find a Georgie, never let her go. If you lose her, try with all your being to get her back. she is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
by Your_True_Love :D September 19, 2011
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The most amazing girl you could possible meet, may not think highly of herself but you certainly will :D
i've just met my Georgie
by Edizzle parrcizzle September 14, 2008
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She's funny, considerate, mean and hilarious. Not to mention beautiful inside and out. Sarcastic, loud, quiet, polite, one big contradiction!! Everyone loves/likes her. EVERYONE. If you don't, then theres seriously something wrong with you. Mine as well go kill yourself. Has nice booty. Anyway she is someone to respcet. Shes tight like that. Suck it.
Its not everyday I get to walk with pretty girls like you, Georgie.
by Inspecter Muffin August 19, 2010
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An extremely cool girl with an extremely cool laugh. Loves Bacon.
by Homie A November 27, 2003
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