i got drunk after work and I feel really fucked!
by ColdRod69 February 6, 2016
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A medical condition, this is where someone is unable to do simple tasks. This is a medical condition however, doctors usually tell sufferers of the disease to put their heads in a bucket of water and breathe in deeply, this always seems to do the trick.
Doctor; What's the matter with you?
Patient; I think I'm really fucking rubbish
Doctor; Oh dear, well take these lead weights and go deep sea diving with five attached to each of your feet.
Patient; Okay, thanks doctor

Jon; What's the matter with Gartside, he can't score
Jack; I think he may be really fucking rubbish, we may have to put him down
Jon; Oh okay then
by SiN- MATT TAYLOR BABY!!! May 28, 2006
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expressing outright displeasure disguised as joy
oh look.. my new Tesla just got swallowed by a sinkhole "really fucking awesome!"
by sidewind69 December 6, 2015
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A picture or incident that causes uncontrollable laughter and possible loss of control of one's flatulence, bladder and or spontaneous urination.
That shit was really fucking funny I almost shit my pants!
by Juniper76 May 7, 2016
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Its when a female is extremely overweight and when she walks down the street it makes your pupils bleed and wonder if there really is a god.
Bro 1 : Holy mother of mary that bitch is cracking the sidewalk with her cankles!
Bro 2 : This bitch is so ho is fat she uses a parachute for a g-string!She is a really fucking fat bitch.Ahhhhhh!*whisper*Mike hold me im' very scared.
Bro the 3rd : I'm gonna take various parts of a chicken and pelt you with them you greasy load of female.
by GeordiLaForge September 23, 2016
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Constipation.....ongoing....day after day after day.

Visit the drug-store.
purchase some senna.
o/d on senna.
empty your bowels around your feet and down the legs of your jeans.
Drug-store again.
eat shit.
buy epicac
eat puke

Then soil the shop.....severely.
I just did a really fucking massive shit....ooooh dear.
by shabba-ranks November 29, 2013
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