a fistula is any type of necrotic hole from one thing to another on the body. Like a bladder to anal fistula, or vaginal to anal. Each more disgusting than the last.
Jesus, that guy had a fistula so bad, that whenever he tried to have sex, he shat out his dick.
by Jake April 21, 2004
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A big-ass thing that grows from someone's ass.
Dude can't sit down cuz of the huge fistula in his butt.
by polishman September 28, 2003
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Dracula's gay brother. You know, the one that enters your room late at night with a bottle of lube and that cheeky grin that says, 'That's right. I'm all about the ass.'
Did you hear about Donny? Word is that Fistula got to him the other night! Hasn't been able to sit right for a few days!
by Hektik Slice September 5, 2012
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when someone sticks a fist in your rectum, then, when puss starts coming out of your anus, you now have crohns deasese. consult a doctor for further instructions
by Fry-Guy June 19, 2010
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A rectovaginal fistula is a medical condition where there is a fistula or abnormal connection between the rectum and the vagina. Rectovaginal fistula may be extremely debilitating. If the opening between the rectum and vagina is wide it will allow both flatulence and feces to escape through the vagina, leading to fecal incontinence. There is an association with recurrent urinary and vaginal infections.

Funniest disease ever!!!

Mike: "I was fucking this girl the other night, when all of a sudden, she just shat out her vagina! It was horrible! I Donkey Punched her and left...
Stu: "Well Mike, what you got yourself there, is a classic case of the ol' rectovaginal fistula".
by Swamp September 19, 2006
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A sexual act in which a male takes both his hands and vigorously fists a woman (one hand in the pussy, the other in her ass)
Last night, Jeff gave me a fistula sandwich, but he fisted too hard and now my vagina is bleeding.
by Mr. Ebola September 16, 2017
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Condition characterized by a small tear or fissure in the tissue separating the rectum from the vaginal canal leading to all sorts of unpleasant mishaps.

See also quart, cooch turds, queefshit.
Rita's recto-vaginal fistula made my cock pop out of her ass while I was pounding her pussy.

Thomas didn't believe Britney had a recto-vaginal fistula, so she squeezed out a series of quarts and cooch turds to convince him.
by mr pinky June 2, 2007
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