A funny plant that makes you stare at a wall for 10 minutes until you realize that’s not the tv.
Weed exists
by Lluma July 27, 2021
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Weed, Some drug that people search up on the Urban Dictionary to find different meanings of and waste their time. We know what it is.
1: Got some weed?
2: What’s that? Ima search it up on the Urban Dictionary to be cool!
1: Smh
by Buddha’s Messenger June 26, 2018
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Girl: Chris is that a weed?
Chris: No it's a-
Girl: I'm calling the police.
*Typing 911 into a microwave*
Chris: No, That wont wor-
Operator: 911 What's your emergency.
*Chris questions life*

Weed. Yeah.
by MaximusIsHereNow May 19, 2021
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A lower class drug smoked by people who have realised that life is short, why not enjoy it?
A lot of the definitions here are bull shit, saying that weed rots your brain, and you become a drooling idiot.
I have been a "stoner" for just over 5 years now, and have noticed no difference in my brain activity, have had no problem becoming a grade 1 computer engineer, earning £65,000 per annum, and have generally been able to enjoy my life.
You pathetic people saying it's a "loser" thing to do, need to grow up, and begin to live :)
Weed is the key to an enjoyable lifestyle.
by c4rlz September 18, 2006
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Why Drink And Drive When You Can Chong And Fly?
by CalCom July 20, 2003
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Good stuff. Magical plants that mother nature provides for her children.
no, we dont smoke weed from no swisher. aye gramps take out the hookah..show this sucka how we do it!
by udontknowmebitch March 17, 2007
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