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A guy everyone is lucky to meet. He is one of a kind and a really great person in every way. He is the most amazing guy on Earth. He's a fantastic listener and gives the best advice and motivation. This is because he is so inspiring and has a great heart. He has the best taste in everything from music to style to cars. He will never fail to make you laugh. When you meet Robbie, your life will change and you will discover your destiny. A day without Robbie, simply, isn't a day.
Emily: wow I'm in love with Robbie!
Obama: Me too!
Earth: Me too!
by your baecon May 27, 2014
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Robbie is a once in a lifetime kind of man. There isn’t anyone on earth who compares to his amazing-ness. He is a dedicated, hard-working man, incredibly selfless and willing to help others out in any way he can. He’s the kindest, most loyal, loving, devoted, patient, and sweetest man, ever known. Everyone who knows him, always has a smile. He greatly impacts the lives of everyone around him. He is especially known for his deep, true love. Once he loves you, he loves you and you know it. He’ll do anything to prove his love for the person (people) that means the most to him in life. He’s outstanding, hilarious, witty, super smart, and stunningly handsome. He’s always, always, always positive, happy, and uplifting. He can turn anyone’s day around for the better. He is a gift sent straight from above.
I’m so lucky to have Robbie as my husband.
by therobbiesgirl October 25, 2017
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"Robbie" is a guy who seems weak on the outside, but conceals a river of brilliant thoughts on the inside. He finds it difficult to take control of a group and prefers working solo, where no one can judge him or slow him down. Inside his head are conflicting emotions, he is constantly at battle with his own instincts, shoving aside sexual thoughts to focus on the present, constantly keeping in shape, completing set tasks and loving that special someone for who they are and not what he wants them to be. When he puts his mind to it, he can accomplish anything, always going that extra mile for what he deems important, always challenging the impossible. Even when times seem tough, he'll never resort to suicide or self harm, he'll power through it, giving up at nothing.
While being shy at times, he is easy to make friends with, but finds it difficult to make friends himself.
While others stand gawking at the horizon, marvelling their existence, he'll be working hard for his future, stopping at no terms but his own.

Before you judge someone on the outside, you might want to take a look inside.
Hey, did you see the new kid? What a runt.

Welp, you never know, he might be a "Robbie" on the inside.
by Xx_The precocious kid_xX January 24, 2015
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The man with abs of steel. Not only is he too sexy for his clothes, but he's smart as hell too. You would want to feel him up. Even if your a guy. ESPECIALLY if your a guy. He's so attractive, he turns straight men gay. Unfortunately, his heart belongs to nobody.

Teacher : You're so sexy robbie, want to go behind the portable and... ahem?

Robbie : No teacher, not only are you a male, but my heart belongs to nobody.

Teacher : *runs out crying*

Hot girl : what about me robbie?

Robbie : No. You may be very sexy and italian, but still... My heart belongs to nobody.

Other kid : wait... If the teacher is gone crying, then who will teach us??


Robbie: fine. but nobody better come on to me...

other hot girls: too late!
by MSooRi April 24, 2009
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Sweetest guy on the planet. It can be said he cares too much about everything. Hard working and intelligent to say the least. Has a hard time relaxing but it doesn't really show.
That guy is going somewhere in life.... Must be a Robbie
by twoshort March 31, 2011
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Robbie is a niggar he is very shy and very sexual ily
He is such robbie
by Butter is good March 16, 2019
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