to become well informed (about) by reading
you need to read up on your Bartlett's
by grena February 19, 2010
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Note: Rhymes with "red" rather than "reed."
Pennsylvania Dutch expression meaning to get a place ready for company.
We need to read up the place before your sister comes over.
by Lorenzo367 February 4, 2010
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What you may literally hafta do if you wanna learn Chinese --- some of their text is arranged in a vertical column that hasta be scanned from the bottom to the top in order to decipher it. Makes ya wonder how the Chinese don't get sore necks from all dat bobble-headed noddin' they do whenever they sit down to read da mornin' paper.
Learning how to make sense of all that fancy vertical signage in Chinatown is fairly simple --- just read up on it.
by QuacksO March 4, 2018
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