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I'm from Maryland. I'm not from the South . . . or the North; It's the Mid Atlantic. It's soda, not pop. It's a sub, not a hoagie. It's pizza not pie. It's the beach not the shore and I drink 'Wooder" not water. It's acceptable to say "where y'all goin?" in place of "where are you going?" And, for the record, I'm not a hick. It's DC not Washington. I know what bad traffic really looks like, how to use a traffic circle, And how to pump my own gas. I know what and where the Naval Academy is. I love crabs, corn, and snowballs There's no place like MD!!
maryland is better then any other state...
by tyler June 5, 2005
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CALm all star cs player

some idiot canadian
Med killed D!E | kmode with headshot TMP
by tyler March 9, 2005
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Jo meign, are joo listeneeng to me?
by tyler July 28, 2004
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When asked a question where the only possible answers could be "yes" or "no,",answering something other than "yes" or "no."

Background: People often do not know how to answer a simple question, our friend Mike being among them.
Tyler: Hey Mike, do you have Wednesday off next week?
Mike: I have three days off next week.
Tyler: ...is Wednesday one of them?
by tyler December 21, 2004
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abbreviation of "Lightweight," it was a term used in the sport of rowing (crew) for male rowers under 150lbs, or female rowers under 130lbs
Ltwt 4 took 2nd place in their heat
by tyler December 21, 2004
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realli fine;good;realli good
Damn Gurl You Lookin Madd Good today!
by tyler June 3, 2004
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very very hhhhhooooottttttt..luv her tonz
mallie babie's hot..im luvin her tonz
by tyler June 9, 2003
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