To be kicked out of the current school system you are attending,as a result of breaking the code of conduct and rules handed out by the school.
James was caught smoking marijuana on school property,as a result, he was expelled and had to attend a private school.
by tweak August 19, 2003
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The act of expelling(to throw out or reject).
The expulsion of the pencil from his nose was quite violent.
by MuzlFlash August 21, 2003
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The act of being expelled or to expel.
I got an expulsion from school for twatting the headmaster.

I expelled a load of jizz on your grill, now lick up my expulsion, biatch!
by Saucy August 18, 2003
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being kicked out of school for the remainder of the year
You, the idiot, for throwing feces in the hallways of school with face expulsion
by something August 19, 2003
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The forceful propulsion of water and feces from the anus following an enema.
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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1.A sentence under the "Zero Tolerance" school policy for school volence or illegal drug related charges. 2. 180 days is the minimum days for this sentence 3. One of the ways to drop out of high school
1.Jon was expelled from school after he was caught with 35 caliber pistol and 2 bags of heroine. Now he dropped out of School 2. Devin threatened to kill his special Ed teacher with a rouger pistol after he was told to sit in time out. He was expelled from school and is now in a pshyciatric hospital.
by Mother Fuckette August 19, 2003
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The process of extruding male liquids through the reproductive organ of a man (aka. here comes the cum).
a. Dude, that was the thickest expulsion I've had in years.
b. The one downside of a dildo is that it doesn't expulse.
by Expulsion October 10, 2016
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