Ol lady. Or girlfriend to someone in a club or mc. Most commonly know as property which means she belongs to 1 specific member but being property of the club all members are expected to defend her and her honor from anyone who seeks to demean or insult her
This in my ol lady well kill u over her
by Olmanrider August 06, 2018
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originally used by the hells angels biker gang to refer to the hoes that where aloud to hang so long as they where willing to fuck anyone in the gang. now days it just means girlfriend
by stg60913b February 16, 2010
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"man i need a girlfriend"
"there's one thirsty woman i know"
"Yeah, man who is it... Is it a olladies "
"yeah man"
"get that shit away from me"
by HARDITtheHERB March 19, 2019
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