Sexy to the point of being so sexy that the person with said name becomes un-sexy then sexy again 12 times over. In the end you have a name that indicates a person with piles of sexy on just their nosehairs. The sexiness eats rainbows, pukes unicorns, and beats supermodels with a vicious sexy spatula. Don't look at the sexy, you will kill yourself on the spot from pure envy of Frey's sexiness.
"Woah...Frey is sexy. Almost...too sexy." tristen
by CaptainAwesom97 April 02, 2011
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Anything that can be described as "crazy" or "cray-cray" while speaking about Game of Thrones. As the namesake implies, this is in reference to Walder Frey, and the entire Frey lineage, as he is they are fucking crazy.
When Drogo ripped that dudes tongue out through his throat it was totes Frey-Frey.
by Justy-clit April 04, 2013
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one of the most amazing people you could ever meet, sometimes referred to as shamazing (as the youths of today say). she often finds it difficult to turn off her swag and so takes it with her everywhere she goes. frey frey is said to be 'craziest chica on da blok of luganica'.

she was always an unusual girl, she has been told she has a chameleon soul many a time
she belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone, who had nothing, who wanted everything with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified her to the point that she couldn’t even talk about, and pushed her to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied her
she believes in the kindness of strangers
she is in touch with all of her darkest fantasies and she has created a life for herself where she is free to experience them
she may be fucking crazy but she is free
'dat yat is so wack she is like dat gurl, whats her name ... cray cray frey frey dats it, dat shit cray bro'
'its a shame she dating dat harry styles dude coz maynnn i would have taken her on a date to the waffle house jheezz how unfortunate'
by yolo swagins May 29, 2013
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(noun) 1. A self-serving lie about your life that is grandiose and melodramatic.

(verb) 2. To lie in a grandiose, melodramatic, self-serving manner.

(adj.) 3. Grandiose, melodramatic and self-serving.
1. Interesting frey, but you can't tell me that you were arrested 50 times when there's no evidence to the fact.

2. Don't try to frey your way out of the homework assignment; I'm not buying all of your overly dramatic crap about last night.

3. Well, isn't that a very frey way of putting what just happened...however, I didn't see us being pulled over by the cop an issued a citation as "police brutality".
by JaCk Andrew January 14, 2006
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One of Rammstein's most popular and well-known songs, first released in 2001 on their album Mutter and having gained mainstream recognition due to an appearance on the movie xXx. The song's title basically means "Fire freely!" in German (used in the sense of "fire at will" by German soldiers during combat). Live performances of this song highlight the band's unmitigated passion for flames and burning eruptions, which further cements the mainstream's misinterpretation of this song as being directly associated with fire. But the far worse twist of n00bism is any idiot that refers to the song as "BANG BANG!" (which just happens to be the following line in the song's chorus, after "Feuer Frei!"). There aren't many ways for Rammstein to be degraded even further by the sheer, undeniable ignorance of the mainstream masses, but calling them "Rob Zombie clones" is certainly one of them. Any real fan of Rammstein's music would recognize that the depth, musical talent and plain kick-ass rhythms of these w00t Germans would (and should) be insulted by comparing them to Rob Zombie, so please disregard the last definition written for this entry.
"Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt,
vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt,
Ein Funkenstoß,
in ihren Schoß,
Ein heißer Schrei,
by Alhadis April 25, 2006
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Use the Buy-Out-Option on a hooker and keep her as a mistress
frei kaufen, so she could jump on my cock all day errrday
by erisch kästner March 23, 2011
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