Simon is a guy that is extremely sweet and kind. He is a guy who makes everyone smile. He might not be prince charming, but he is a sweetheart. He is good with people, and he surrounds himself with the people he loves. He is a guy that would never hurt anyone but don't mess with the people he loves. He is romantic when he needs to be but likes to keep all of his relationships within the people involved with it. He is a man of his words. He is cute and when you find him, you never forget him.
Simon is the greatest guy I ever met.
by faithlove January 1, 2017
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A cute, easygoing boy with many layers. He who tries his best to please his friends and everybody that he loves. He is very silly and funny, with a kid-like sense of humor. The best boyfriend material in existence. Maybe not a hunk, but definitely a keeper.

He can be a little bit grumpy sometimes. Becomes a sourpuss from little things that other people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Still, when it comes to his lover, he has a heart bigger than anyone on this planet. He will spend his life looking for someone to give all his love to. He won’t ever do them wrong. He will always be there.

His innocence and simplicity needs to be protected because it’s incredibly special and rare.
What? You don’t know what Pegging is? You’re definitely a Simon.

Did you just bring me flowers out of no where? Oh, Simon!
by Pai_it_right December 10, 2019
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Mexican slang for yeah or yes. An alternative to saying si. Said a lot by cholos and chicanos.
José: Yo ese, can I talk to ya for a sec?
Miguel: Simon!
by Dancing with Fire January 29, 2012
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An amazing person who is often too shy to say what he needs. Gives amazing cuddles and when in a silly mood can make even the grumpiest person laugh. Can spit out rapid-fire puns and will often be seen playing Pokemon furiously. Often have amazing green eyes and perfect bodies. Insanely smart at science, the best boyfriends a person could ask for.

Words to describe a Simon:
- Lovable
- Wonderful
- Unforgettable
- Humorous
- Sweet
- Trustworthy
- Friendly
Mum: "So how was your day, honey?"
Child: "It was amazing!!! I saw Simon at recess and he cheered me up from my horrible maths test..."
Mum: "He sounds lovely."
Child: "Oh, he is. I love Simon."
by RoseDreamer March 20, 2013
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A Sexy Beast. One with a huge cock, and gigantic balls. Known for being sweet and gentle when it comes to women. The females dig Simon. Often used to describe a good friend.Describes a friend that wouldn't leave other friends if they had a flat tire.
Hung Like a Dragon
Used to describe someone that needs a smart,intellectual, and beautiful women in their life.
Holy Shit, that is one Simon cock.
Damn, why are you so damn Simon, id smack.
Why don't I take you back to my place and I can give you the Simon.
by IceCream Jaykwon September 6, 2008
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He is a smart, competitive person who is also kind and is respected.
Simon is the best baller.
by Putbackgod200q1 February 28, 2018
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A really special soul.
He makes you want to be involved in every part of his life.
He draws you in and makes you never want to leave.
He makes you hope for a day when you can be his.
Simon, i have completely and irrevocably fallen for you.
by WoodChuck89 September 8, 2016
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