The name of a sweet Jewish man, meaning “life”. Usually exceedingly attractive, with a great education - they’re an obvious great catch! Most likely to be doctors, lawyers, or sports team managers!
Girl 1: “Omg, who’s that strong AND smart guy over there?” Girl 2: “That’s Chaim! He’s so dreamy...”
by DartmouthAlumni January 23, 2021
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Usually a tall man. He’s smart but a little dumb. He’s quirky and not like other guys. He’s usually loud and annoying considering that’s what the word chaim means. Although all of these cons, he gets all the girls. Especially those who’s names start with C.
Chaim: hey little lady
Cha: omg hi handsome! You must be a chaim!

Izzy: wtf. Cha your married.
Cha: BUT HES CHAIM!!! 😏😏😏
by IHackedCharteehee March 11, 2022
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Verb When you are so sarcastic or otherwise annoying you are chaiming
by Schmegeggy February 10, 2018
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A school with 0 pussy in sight.
Guy #1: Yo, I'm sick of seeing so many hot girls. Is there a place where all I see is dick?

Guy #2: Of course! Or Chaim!
by Geshmaster March 5, 2018
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the boy you will forever want but will never have again
chaims ex: i want to be with him so bad but i messed up and ill never get him back
random girl: damn that sucks
by your gay<3 May 17, 2022
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A School full of boys who can't get any girls.

Typically found saying the word gesh or trying to get into chat party's.
Boy 1 - I tried to go to that party but some rabbi came in his car to shut it down

Boy 2 - because he was after the or Chaim boys
by GESH June 8, 2020
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the act of swiping the hand through another's ass crack. one can also be "trapped in the chaime" if someone sits on your hand and traps it in their ass crack.
Dude, I chaimed that bitch so good when she bent over to pick up her puppy.
by car-car supastar May 2, 2007
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