1. The weapon of schools to attempt to defend against plagiarism by saying where things come from, thus eliminating original thought.
2. A very fast jet made by Cessna.
1. "I'm just gonna make up a few citations for the report." (Because quantity always matters over quantity anyways)
2. "Holy crap! Your grandma was drivin' faster than a Citation X!"
by Orion January 1, 2005
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A bad mofo' known for crushin' bitches, knockin' skulls, and droppin' lines so deep they'd make Socrates go: "Damn!"
Did you wee what happened to that fool? He stepped to Citator and got dropped by a gavel to the head.
by Nelly of Greendale April 22, 2005
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References to a body of work for which the author is credited. It's how you would determine the quality of, say, a piece of psychological literature.
Hym *buzzer noise* "WRONG!!! Just because you are trying to collectively deny me the credit half does not mean that you get to ignore the 'reference' half of the citations. To say that it is decent is to lie blatantly. It is objectively and quantifiably good. I also have people adopting my mode of being and banging your daughter and more famous than everyone. HAHAHAHAHA! OBJECTIVITY! It's great for when petty cowards try to deny you! How many references? How many citations? Do I have more than Dr. Buss? Do I have more than him? Hahaha!"
by Hym Iam August 3, 2022
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Slow as jet made by Cessna
the Citation ISP is the only aircraft to get birdstrikes from the rear
by Cuauhtemoc December 10, 2007
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Verb. To write a citation. Usually performed by police officers.
Ofc. Will said, "Sit down or I will citate you for disorderly conduct."
by FrankP September 4, 2005
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When you want someone to prove what they just said. Commonly seen in bad Wikipedia articles.
1: "Apparantly, the Greeks invented pudding!"

2:"citation needed"
by RussellLawliet December 29, 2011
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Wikipedianese for 'bullshit'.
Jade Goody's death triggered an outpouring of grief across the United Kingdom citation needed
by Lord Grimcock February 7, 2010
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