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Something so funny it makes you laugh so hard that you become weak

(Popular in Southeast Virginia)
by VAsFinest September 23, 2009
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means "funny" or "amused"
originated in virginia beach va
"he had me so weak"
"it was suuuuper weak"
by chris pennntz May 07, 2006
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One of Eric Cartman's (South Park) favorite words, partnered by lame
Butters: Yeah, me and AWESOME-O even had a slumber party last night!
Cartman: Weak.
by Survivor Fan September 16, 2004
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Of poor performance or stature; highly unsatisfactory.
The party on Saturday night was broken up early; shit was weak.
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
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A term to describe something too funny to be called "funny", thus it should be referred to as weak. It was too created in Virginia Beach.
That dude is old as shit, Weakkkkkk!!!!!!
by Erikkkk October 07, 2007
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a synonym for the word funny. it makes sense, because something is so funny, you laugh so hard and it literally makes you weak
That shit is so weak! I can't believe you just ate dog shit!

Another example is a quote from the movie "Grandma's Boy" when a character repeatedly says "Shit's weak!!"

originated in virginia beach, VA
by 757 is the best September 05, 2007
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