The state of being exaggeratedly (theatrically) dramatic.

'Melodramatic' is derived from melodrama, which is in turn derived from the Greek word 'melos' (music) and the word 'drama'.
Random student: *watching commercial in class about poor children in Africa*: Oh, those poor kids! I just want to hug them and kiss them and tell them *sniff* they're going to be okay! Oh, I'm sorry *sniff*... can I get some water?

Me to another classmate: ''Ugh, just another display of attention-seeking from Ms Melodramatic. I swear, she's constantly trying to make herself look more thoughtful or 'nice' than she really is. Either that, or she's just overreacting.''
by WhiteWarlock May 10, 2016
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showing much stronger emotions than are necessary or usual for a situation
He was beginning to feel melodramatic about the whole thing, as if he were playacting one of Fred's grade "B" thrillers
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 1, 2019
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A interactive blog site created by Sara Sioux where people are allowed to write/express feelings of angst,depression, contempt or happiness (though it's rare to find happy entries). Shorthandedly known as melo.
I got so pissed off at my bf, I wrote shit about him on melodramatic.

I hate my life, I'll post it on melo later.
by Amsaha February 19, 2008
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the act of remaining mellow infront of a dramatic person or experience.
person 1:Do you see that heffa over there?
person 2:Yeah, I do, that wilden out hood rat named Rachel, she is so crazy!
person 1:I know but her friend Rebecca right there is so melodramatic!
person 2:For shizzle, I wanna be just like her when I grow up!
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Over-emotional; Over-reacting; Showing large intensity of emotion
Nick was being a lil' melodramatic bitch
by GoatFootedLordOfPain July 16, 2014
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When women go out of there way to make sure whatever your doing

, wherever you are, is wrong and they will make sure that you never feel the need to ever have a good time, smile or ever laugh again.
That girls melodramatic patheticism is out of order, she should eat shit.
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Someone who is really edgy... like really edgy that means you
aarden is really melodramatic.
by TheSmartestMan March 12, 2021
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