doing something on a regular basis.
doesnt just have to be about religion.
she does her homework religiously to get inna good college.
by Shannon aka Shay May 28, 2007
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To do something only when it is convenient to you and your interest.
Rodney, religiously pays his bets.
by C-Kicks February 2, 2018
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Religious person short form. Someone who believes in gods, or a god, or in cases like scientology, space aliens that one bases their life around. Someone who bases their life on an afterlife.
Example would be: Three different kinds of religies are christian religies, hindu religies and muslim religies.
by Artie the Atheist July 4, 2013
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(Adj.) Something which is both hilarious and deeply saddening.
'Jesus Camp' was religious.
by WouterTron May 28, 2007
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1. Person A: Scientists have come to the conclusion that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old.
Person B: Lies, it says on the bible that God made the Earth 5,000 years ago.
Person A: Yeah, he also sent his zombie son (who happens to be his own father) to tell you to bow down, drink his blood and eat his flesh, or else you'll burn for the rest of eternity. You religious nut.

2. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are religious scientologists.
by Calatrafa November 5, 2009
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Someone who is very religious, or passionate about their faith.
"My grandma wants to take me to church this weekend, she's such a religy"
by nerdyantlady December 27, 2011
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