oi this party is bras man, there's no yats here

oh safe check out that buff yat

easy bruv, check out my new dog.
oh seen is it a yat or a brer?
its a yat man, her name is fluffy.
by Rostafari October 24, 2005
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A native New Orleanian. Uses the Word Darlin' alot, loves Pinchin the Heads and Sucking the Tails (That's Crawfish Yall), NEVER runs out of Tony's, always ax's bout Ya mom and dem', makes groceries, drinks Community Coffee, knows how to dodge pot holes, Loves Snowballs, has thousands of Beads in the attic from Mardi Gras Pasts, knows how to eat a Beignet while wearing Black, Cannot sit still when hearing Mardi Gras Mambo!!!!
Hey Darlin' How's ya Mom and Dem?? I saw ya Godmother last weekend Making Groceries at Dorignac's. She's a Doll. Where yat? We going over to the Crawfish Boil and hope by the time we get there the Crawfish have already vomited!!!!

Cest Bon
by Nola Sisco March 6, 2007
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1) A general term for a young female
2) A fit female
Those yats are terrible/butters. (1)
Is Nick's sister a yat? (2)
Check it out - that yat is a YAT. (1, 2)
Will there be any yats there tonight? (1 / 2)
by Bill Pellet March 12, 2008
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an attractive, good-lookin girl, like a beanie
that girl is a yat
lets find some yatties
by blondie January 6, 2004
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Newfoundland slang for what are you doing or what are you at.
by turbojetski March 16, 2013
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Meaning a group of girls or young ladies. It is usualy used by men. It is the plural of Yeut. Often used to decribe a group of ladies coming or a geneder ration at a party or gathering.
"Mate look at all this Yat, i can't fail to score."
"Did the party have some quality Yat?"
"I hear the St Mary's Girls are some awesome Yat."
"Man this sucks, the Yat are well ming."
by M@doG January 10, 2006
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Abbreviation meaning you're ass then.
Jerome: Dude, I total forgot to bring my weed so we can smoke!
Daniel: Fuck man, yat!
Jerome: Chill out bro. I'll just go home and grab it.
by romeisabitch February 4, 2020
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