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Police Brutality is lethal and unwarranted force against a civilian.
Police officers do usually get away with it with only minor fines.
Hank: Howdy Officer

Officer Daniels: Do you know why i pulled you over?

Hank: not really...why did you pull me over?

Officer Daniels: i smelled drugs

Hank: from 400 feet away in a enclosed vehicle?

Officer Daniels: your getting off topic

Hank: ok then..can i go now?

Officer Daniels: getting a attitude with me boy?

Hank:no..i just want answers

Officer Daniels: Sir get out of the vehicle

Hank: ok..let me get my id from the dash

Officer Daniels: GUN!!!!!

Hank: do what??

Officer Daniels: get on the ground now!!!!!!

hank im not doing anything heres my license!

*officer daniels hits hank with night stick several times*

Officer Daniels: i feel better about my self.

Hank: i cant feel my arms!

Officer Daniels: too bad so sad :D

Hank: The Police Brutality!!
*officer drives off*
Hank: Oh Why me!! why did they release the rule allowing the officers to beat us law abiding citizens when ever they want!
by Suffery June 30, 2009
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When the police beat the hell out of you. For not cooperating with them.
The LAPD beat Rodney King like they were his daddy.

Don't run from the police, they will f--- you up royally.
by Saints June 23, 2004
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When police use excessive or otherwise unwarranted force against an often (but not always) innocent person. The victims are usually blacks, Muslims, and/or students. Often times the police department will investigate (oftentimes part of a cover-up) just enough to say they did with no real effort to punish the officers involved,letting them off with a reprimand or a months suspension for what would be a felony for the rest of us. If the officers involved are prosecuted the prosecutors will usually conduct just enough of a prosecution to say the officers were prosecuted or the officers friends in the department will hamper the prosecution, which often relies on the police department for evidence.
In an act of police brutality the UCLA campus police tazed a Muslim student as he lay helplessly paralyzed and handcuffed on the ground, because he refused to stand up. They said there actions were necessary to protect the safety of UCLA students.
by Trinu December 27, 2006
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This is when police hurt an innocent person for no reason at all.
In December 17, 1997 two police officers killed a black motorist. The 31 year old Johnny Gammage died of compression to the neck or chest as the police officers pushed him face down on the pavement of the highway. The police did this for no reason at all. And of course they did this to him intentionally because this happened at night when no one else was around. Plus those officers walked off free. Yes if you didnt know the story that you just read is TRUE!
by Monkey Rage February 21, 2004
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Favoured pastime of the metropolitan police and other UK police forces. Victims are usually black, and other so-called 'public servants' who witness these terrible crimes will invariably keep quiet about them.

The day before this definition was posted, it emerged a london police officer who deliberately drove his car at an innocent member of the public inflicting serious injuries, was only fined 17 days pay, kept his job, and faced no criminal charges. This is typical.
'is anyone watching sarge? I fancy bit of police brutality with this passing nigger'

'go on my son, give him one in the nuts from me'
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 16, 2004
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The crueslest, most sadistic crime against humanity. Especially when that same officer wins Policeman Of the Year
Drake: Did you hear about the kid who was killed? By the NYPD? Talk about police brutality.
Evan: Yeah! It's really sad. The officer one policeman of the year...
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
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