1.affectedly grand or important; pompous
2.more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown
3.grand in an imposing or impressive way.
4.Having an exaggerated belief in one's importance, sometimes reaching delusional proportions, and occurring as a common symptom of mental illnesses, as manic disorder.
1. A grandiose scheme

2. He had a very grandiose and narcissistic personality.
by ayosonyo September 3, 2009
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1: characterized by affectation of grandeur or splendor or by absurd exaggeration.
2: impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, or grandeur.
Cody's thinks grandiosity is a compliment, but it will eventually lead to bipolar mania.
by hungdaddy April 24, 2009
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one girl to another "i wanna eat this chilli" other girl" i wanna eat you" onlooker "that is grandiose"
by fckduppup November 14, 2004
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The ever evolving collection of cultural beliefs describing the racial identity of African Americans that is both immune from introspection by its own race, can not be observed correctly from outside of the race due to a perceived lack of life experience. At the same time it is omni-intelligent and can observe other races without direct experience and with a perceived lack of bias that no one will challenge.

An ever growing list of positive attributes that can only be obtained by blackness, and an ever growing list of negative qualities that are permanently attached to any amount of whiteness without cause.

An ever growing list of challenges that black people face caused directly by every individual white person.

The observer refuses to observe the observer, and any outsider who makes a contrarian observation is racist.

A debate between a man and his own shadow.
I was the only white student in my African American studies class, and we had a debate on how black people can't be racist. I offered a different perspective but was told my opinions were irrelevant because i was white. You can't argue with Black Grandiosity.
by Peeney Weenus June 4, 2020
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What does it actually mean?

excessively proud of oneself; vain.
"Fred's so conceited he'd never believe anyone would refuse him"

impressive and imposing in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so.
"the court's grandiose facade"

a way in which an expression or a situation can be interpreted; a meaning.
"it is not clear which sense of the word ‘characters’ is intended in this passage"

Stringing all these definitions, you get
A person who is excessively proud of oneself, with a way in which an expression or a situation can be interpreted, which is impressive and imposing in appearance or style, (especially pretentiously so)
Conceited with grandiose senses think lowly and badly of me is arrogant and unreasonably stupid not simple, just what low intellect thinks and acts bc so self obsessed and inferior yet full of self, such paradox still dare acts as if winner hah only know to "like, love" self not really ever liking nor loving others is bc inferior, low fake self confident and I should not ever be blamed or be assaulted hah
by meorii August 2, 2021
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