A member of a Celtic order of priest magicians or wizards whose rituals, centering on animal and tree worship, were said to include human sacrifice.
A druid was a member of the priestly class in Gaul and likely other parts of Celtic Western Europe during the Iron Age. Following the invasion of Gaul by the Roman Empire, the druids were suppressed by the Roman government from the 1st century CE and disappeared from the written record by the 2nd century, although there may have been later survivals in the British Isles. Very little is currently known about the ancient druids as they left no written accounts about themselves, and other than a few descriptions left by Greek and Roman authors, and in stories created by later mediaeval Irish writers, the accuracy of all of which are disputed, we have no evidence about them.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 23, 2010
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A sketchy creature of the underworld, most easily identified by its disheveled appearance and lack of social ettiquette.
"omg why are we at this druid party, lets gtfo"
by 259436034986 April 11, 2010
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1 Originally an educated caste within Celtic society that seem to have been law-givers, priests, magicians, doctors and natural philosophers. It is recorded that they committed nothing to writing, preferring instead to learn by rote the considerable amount of lore at their disposal.

Druids were severely denigrated by roman propaganda, especially that of Julius Ceasar. Unfortunately as the romans systematically set to work wiping out the druids, the only records we have of them are the distorted accounts from the very culture that wished to destroy them.

2 A member of any number of modern orders or religions that stem from a romantic 18th century, sanitized and christianised revival of Druidry

3 A member of any number of neopagan groups that seeks to re-discover and re-construct a working animist religion and set of magical practices that focus on native (pre-roman) British and Celtic traditions.

4 In the minds of the modern illiterate a character class from various tabletop and online RPGs.
Warcraft player: 'I'm a 73rd level druid, fear my mighty spells!"

Cynical Welsh pagan: "Grow up."
by Kynth December 3, 2011
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The Druid is a class of magic-wielder that is similar to the nechanter, but relies upon spiritual magic. The Druid is at peace with nature, and often is considered a protecter of the ecosystem. He is gifted with blessing weapons, controlling animals, and using nature as a weapon. Druids are reknowned for their ability to call upon fierce wolf packs to their aid, and controlling natural phenonmena, such as hurricanes and monsoons, and using them as a weapon. The Druid is very calm, and almost as wise as the Wizard, but they have been known to go into uncontrolled fits of rage when the environment is in danger.
The Druid Ashnir is said to have adopted a bear cub as his son.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
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druid is an internet community vernacular term that refers to someone so consumed by hatred that he/she must constantly disparage a group of people based on their nationality.
Synonyms: gollum, inferno
All you do is post negative stories about the US. Stop being such a druid.
by Baraka66 September 10, 2005
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a class in a game called world of warcraft and other games.
1.)can shapeshift into cat, bear, and moonkin.
2.)freakin sux at healing.
3.) a "jack of all trades" but the real classes can do the job better then them.
4.)wears leather armor, and ninjas agility leather armor from rogues.
dont invite druids, they freakin sux at healing. and youre gonna just gonna be in cat form the whole time.
by Dall4s July 30, 2006
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A type of nature-loving character, sometimes found in RPGs (I found them in World of Xeen, an ancient RPG, who can cast spells, most commonly related to nature, the weather, and so on.
Those druids just might be the cause of the sudden floods!
by Kitty Love July 19, 2006
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