To replace the word "fucking" when you are saying/writing it for a large audience, esp. in a business setting.
This freakin project is driving me crazy!
by Ricc March 14, 2006
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Word used in place of "fucking."
"What the freakin hell?!"
by niggamac September 6, 2006
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A word used by cowards who are too scared to say "fucking"
dude #1: "that music freakin sucks"
dude #2: "freakin? come on you wimp. say FUCKING"
by whodey June 16, 2004
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taking out tobacco from a black and mild cigar to make it lose so it will smoke smoother,
Yo man why didn't you freak the black, its hard to pull on.
by bert February 16, 2004
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to have sex but not in a direct path into the vagina. more like a circular motion.
my aunt walked in and thought i was fucking my girlfriend but we were just freakin
by dgx8x May 9, 2009
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shit, oh shit, damnit, used when you are either angry, annoyed or upset about something.
"don't we have that huge final today?"

"freakin' a, yeah and i forgot to study."
by Kristen January 12, 2005
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