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To replace the word "fucking" when you are saying/writing it for a large audience, esp. in a business setting.
This freakin project is driving me crazy!
by Ricc March 14, 2006
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Verb - Opposite of freaked out - Times when one is so overwhelmed by something good or bad, that they totally withdraw, are unable to speak, or look at anyone, and so, are freaked in. Freaking in, to freak in.

(Freaked out, freak out, where one will start to scream and shout, having gotten overwhelmed by something good or bad - freaking out.)

Term coined by Irish/British poet, Deborah Joan Jones. First used in Poem, 'Freaked In', by Deborah Joan Jones.
Copyright Deborah Joan Jones 2018
Poem - 'Freaked In', by Deborah Joan Jones.
It's almost always simple when I start to scream and shout,

I've simply gotten overwhelmed

And so, I'm freaking out.
But there are times it's so - much - worse, from this you'll never win.

Won't say a word, can't look your way

We're done - you've freaked me in.

When Steven Tyler said, 'Hi', all I could do was stare. I looked like an imbecile and I wasted that amazing moment. He totally freaked me in :(

Dude. It's better to freak out than freak in.

Don't do that. Don't freak in. Freak out, say something, anything. Yell at me!

Man, this is no time to freak in. You've got to do something!

Mom, don't freak in, I need an answer and I can't stand when you get freaked in and all silent, and scary like this.
by Bee Sixx October 12, 2018
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adj., used for emphasis, replaces the more vulgar fucking or fuckin'. Used mainly by middle-aged women.
I am so freakin' mad at those kids on my lawn.

James Taylor is freakin' awesome!
by takingadayoff November 13, 2008
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