The other definitions are wrong.
A Jack of all Trades is someone who is decent at everything, but not especially adept at any one thing.
Red Mage from Final Fantasy is a Jack of all Trades.
by morbidgolem October 18, 2007
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A term used to describe someone who knows a lot about many things, but, with the second tag "master of none" added it transforms into a derogatory phrase meant to emphasize how mastery of one skill is important for deeper knowledge.

However, one, oft forgotten tag is the third one: "is oftentimes better than a master of one". Instantly, the term reverses meaning, symbolizing how a person who knows a lot about many things that integrates their skills allows them to surpass even a master of one.

Interesting phrase, nonetheless.
"Man, Tom knows a lot! He's a jack of all trades, aint he?"

"Yeah, but he probably doesn't know a lot about specifics. You know how it goes: Jack of all trades, master of none."

"Jack of all trades, master of one, is oftentimes better than master of one, man. Tom's pretty smart."
by Oldrego March 10, 2017
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a person who is good at many things but has no particular specialty (often with master of none at the end)
My friend was a jack of all trades.
by The Return of Light Joker October 19, 2008
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a jack of all trades is a person who is not an expert in any fields, but knows a little about everything.

jack of all trades often lack an university degree, as they didnt specialize in anything, but studied/learned a bit of every subject.
1: omfg john knows freakin everything!
2: nah, hes just a jack of all trades. dont ask him anything deeper tough.
by the.oppenheimer February 15, 2010
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Something that school aspires to develop its students into, a "jack of all trades" is a well-rounded person who has adapted many skills and is somewhat knowledgeable on many topics but is not an expert (or even an apprentice) in most or even all of the said skills.
Son: Mom I swept my report with C's in all my classes
Parent: Wtf I'm calling the school

-parent proceeds to call the school-

Parent: Wtf my son is a freaking failure how could this happen
Principal: What do you mean, he is a "jack of all trades", he will totally get into a university
Parent: Wtf, is my tax dollars really going into this shit education system
Principal: No, it's going into my wallet.. err I mean uhh, no, it is uhh, going to..
Parent: I'm putting my "jack of all trades" kid up for adoption
by gimme the money June 29, 2016
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Person who seems to be good at all tasks he/she attempts.
Bo Jackson was a jack of all trades being amazing at baseballand football.
by Matt L. March 16, 2004
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A person, usually a male, who is good at everything he does, and is considered to be a good catch.
Your new boyfriend is quite a jack of all trades.
by muh_ree_uh November 13, 2005
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