A person that doesn't need to be sad because they are adopted. Some people are actually happy in adopted families.
" I'm adopted"

"That's cool!It doesn't change anything your still the same person "
by who else..? November 23, 2014
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What I am. Something that not only happens to a person but plays a major part in shaping who they are, what they do and how they treat others. It's no ones fault. Understand, Deal and Move On. You'll only burn if you can't get past it.
You still want me right?
Of course
by Maddy March 30, 2005
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1 The condition of being abandoned by one's parents, and selected by another family, and brought in as their own child.

2 An insult commonly used by junior high atendees. Often used with were.
1.) Amanda got adopted by another family. Poor girl.

Kid1: You were adopted!
Kid2: Ow. My ego.
by Oddzeh September 13, 2005
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“what’s the sisters name from feines and ferd?”
“dude this is why your adopted”
by chkoe June 28, 2021
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what people say when they get annoyed with someone.
when a chlid or adult that once was a child has no parents or was given up for adoption.
1 "no one loves you james.... youre adopted"
2 "i feel so bad for amanda shes adopted"
by Haliee <3 April 1, 2007
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An "adoption" in chess is when one player beats another 10 in a row in the same time control, with no draws.
An adoption occurred on Chess Grandmaster Eric Hansen's twitch stream when he was challenged by Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and proceeded to lose ten games in a row to Hikaru.
by VictoryCondition March 5, 2019
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