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1 An agressive, expansionist nation that believes itself to be without equal and without sin and isn't an empire at all, no, oh no, really...it isn't.

2 To kill a member of allied forces during a conflict

1 As all good american citizens know, recorded history began in 1492 when the USA defeated the commies and created democracy
2 "Fuck a duck! that git just USA'd the entire Royal Anglian regiment!"
by Kynth November 24, 2007

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One who can interact and mediate with the spirit world on behalf of their community, usualy by exctatic trance techniques ( That is their spirit/soul leaves their physical body in order to travel to a world of pure spirit rather than physical matter) for the purposes of divination, information gathering, healing and to recieve wisdom.
Believed to come from the Tungus word "saman" meaning (very roughly)holder of knowledge.
Some anthropologists maintain that shaman are the basis of most magician/sorceror archetypes in folklore.
In modern times the word is overused, and seems to have become , in the minds of the modern illiterate, purely connected with various character classes in computer RolePlaying Games.
In Modern Siberia, Mongolia, and amongst the Sami the role of the shaman is undergoing something of a renaissance.
by Kynth December 01, 2007

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1: A name for one of the largest Pan-European cultures, language, artistic and (possibly) ethnic groups that possibly originated in the Danube delta and spread westward from the late Neolithic to the late Iron ages. Modern opinion is devided, one school of thought claims the Celts were a distinct ethinicty another that it was a shared language, culture and collection of laws/belief systems that was adopted by indigineous ihabitants of the areas it spread to.. The Modern heart of celtic culture can be found in Brittany,Norhtern France,the Basque region, Parts of england and the lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

2: Someone those english twats hate out of fear and jealousy.
King Arthur was a Celt.
by Kynth November 26, 2007

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Those individuals who believe that although born human, their souls are those of a non-human being, animal or mythical creature. Many believe that they are reincarnations of such beings and are able to access memories of previous lives.
The movement is the source of much controversy, ranging form philisophical/intelectual and spiritual debate to mud-slinging, derision and name calling. Some 'kin are happy to lead what the great majority of people would describe as "normal" lives, finding solace, support and companionship amongst their fellows, free to explore the nature of their seemingly paradoxial existance. While others may appear eccentric, arrogant or insane to the bulk of the populace. It must be noted that as with all groups, organisations or belief systems the actions of a few can lead to a negative perception of the group as a whole in the eyes of others.Indeed some Otherkin view themselves as superior to "mundane" humans, blaming the modern ills of society and the world as a whole on humanity.
Believing themselves to at least partly inhuman. Otherkin are oft treated with hostillity.
by Kynth November 24, 2007

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a person that is useless, troublesome or annoying, a fool.

From the english dialect "Git" or "Get" meaning "Gate". When using foundry sand to cast iron objects the access point for the metal, that is the funnel shape that lets the molten iron into the sand-mould was called the gate. This gate was of no use and would have to be removed from the final item and the item carefully finished to remove any blemishes caused by the gate. Thus the term "Useless gate (git)" was coined.
englishman: "Bwaaaa bwa bwaaa!"

Welshman : "Shut up and piss off you useless git"
by Kynth March 27, 2008

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1: A sash-like belt usually for holding a sword, or in later years magazines/pouches of gunpowder

2: Scruffy, dimwitted and diminutive sidekick of various incarnations of Edmund Blackadder from the BBC comedy of the same name noted for his 'cunning plans'. Played by the actor Tony Robinson

3: anyone who resembles said character
Who's that little git over there?
Oh, thats the office "Baldrick"...OI Baldrick coffee, 2 sugars!
by Kynth March 22, 2008

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Glastonbury is a market town situated in the Mendip hill, in the County of Somerset in Western england. The supposed location of the mythical Isle of Avalon, something of a magnet for crystal waving new-agers and serious pagans alike.
NB: NOT purely an over-hyped and hideously over-expensive music festival.
stoned townie dickhead: "I bin Glastonbury innit"

Normal person: "Really, is that shop 'The Truckle of Cheese' still in the high street?"

stoned townie dickhead: "Yoooo wot?, mobile phone, mugging, sattelite tv, and other urban bollocks...innit."
by Kynth April 29, 2008

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