There was a party last night, but I wasn't invited.
by NGFL November 16, 2005
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v. to consume alcohol or other substances
n. a gathering of people to have a good time, often with alcohol involved
"Do you party?"
"Hey, let's go to a party."
by Elisa December 27, 2003
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the actual drug that's being brought to the party.
"Hey man, when's the party gonna get here?"
by youorme April 25, 2009
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An oblique way to refer to cocaine use. Often used to determine whether or not someone else is a user or whether or not someone might want to buy or try cocaine. To avoid further solicitation, someone being asked if he or she "parties" should answer "not anymore" rather than simply "no."
Bobby: Do you party?
Susie: No.
Bobby: Wanna try?
by Stinky March 1, 2005
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Music + Food + Drinks + at least 3 people of at least 2 sexes.

Optional extra - such as sex + drugs + snog in no particular order.
You are invited to a party at my place, bring bottle and bird.
by Kerb December 1, 2004
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to consume alcohol or other substances, as in a celebratory fashion
by minda July 6, 2002
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