A character on diablo 2 expansion who can summon animals, shapeshift, and has elemental skills such as hurrican
damn my werewolf druid just got fortitude and BOTD zerker so he kicks ass now
by chris May 08, 2005
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1. A character class in the game Dungeons and Dragons with the ability to morph into creatures of the wild.

2. One who kicks an immense ammount of ass in the game Dungeons and Dragons, often resulting in saving the party's collective asses.
1. Oh, you want to transform into animals? You'd better be a druid then.

2. That was amazing dude! You wrecked 25 owlbears and 10 oydeokes! You're a friggin druid!
by Kai XIII July 19, 2003
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shapeshifter, spellcaster. found in fictional games and stories, such as world of warcraft. a very versatile class of creatures only aloud incertain races. such as night elves or tauren. some of the best creatures in the world ar druids.
i was grinding in shattrath with my lvl 70 druid the other day to get money for a epic flying mount.
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
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druid is an internet community vernacular term that refers to someone so consumed by hatred that he/she must constantly disparage a group of people based on their nationality.
Synonyms: gollum, inferno
All you do is post negative stories about the US. Stop being such a druid.
by Baraka66 September 10, 2005
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a class in a game called world of warcraft and other games.
1.)can shapeshift into cat, bear, and moonkin.
2.)freakin sux at healing.
3.) a "jack of all trades" but the real classes can do the job better then them.
4.)wears leather armor, and ninjas agility leather armor from rogues.
dont invite druids, they freakin sux at healing. and youre gonna just gonna be in cat form the whole time.
by Dall4s July 30, 2006
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A type of nature-loving character, sometimes found in RPGs (I found them in World of Xeen, an ancient RPG, who can cast spells, most commonly related to nature, the weather, and so on.
Those druids just might be the cause of the sudden floods!
by Kitty Love July 18, 2006
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