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Warriors are the combatants, the soldiers and assasins that dominate the worlds. The Warriors often times resort to physical violence to solve problems, more so than any magic-users or psions. The Warriors recognize the battlefield as a way of life. It may not be necassary, but they fight on nonetheless.
It is during war that the Warrior shows his true worth.
by Detranova August 6, 2003
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See Harry Pothead.
Alternatively, one of the many voices within J.K. Rowlings head. It gives good advice though, followed by good books.
by Detranova July 28, 2003
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1. A group of performers (not including boy bands) that plays music together, and play different instruments, usually guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.
2. What I wish I hadn't joined.
1. Dude, Slayer is an amazing band.
2. Arrgh! Band is ruining my life!
by Detranova July 30, 2003
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A rather mysterious class of magic-user, the Wielder uses a combination of spiritual magic and enchanter magics. The Wielder transforms magical energy into a kind of anommoly, as a weapon or an energy being. The Wielder is gifted at creating energy anomolies such as fire-beings and energy spiders.
The Wielder was cornered, along with a couple thousand of his most recent creations.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
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A magic-wielder who uses his gift to summon creatures to his aid. The Summoner is capable of creating new creatures, as well as summoning existing ones. As a result, the Halz'da, Nuethare, and Luthrozuul were some of the new creatures commonly seen today that were created by Summoners.
The Summoner was trapped between two deaf hitmen, so he let his Luthrozuul do the talking.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
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The Paladin is a class of Warrior that is fully devoted to kindness and ridding the Universe of Evil. They are very religious, and have an extremely strict honor code, as well as a soft spot for children and animals. In combat, a Paladin with a cause is almost impossible to defeat.
Paladins fear nothing, for Evil fears them.
by Detranova August 6, 2003
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