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As a class, the enchanters are rather weak themselves, for they are unable to create powerful energy blasts or summon up helper creatures, but they are essential to the success of a group. They are learned, instead, in the art of enchanting beings or objects, and making them more powerful, more lucky, etc.
The summoner made the Lathrocanth, the Enchanter made it deadlier.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
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It's impossible! It-it may even be worse than a Marjorie!
by Detranova July 28, 2003
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The most common class of Warrior, the Soldier is an expert in weapons of all sorts, though he is not very powerful. Soldiers are weapons experts who almost always serve under an official army. It is, however, likely for a Soldier to join a party of adventurers, and are often extremely useful. Soldiers tend to be intelligent, brave, but not very loyal.
Soldiers of the doomed Nazi 6th army often deserted to adventuring parties, who were then still in search of the Holy Grail.
by Detranova August 6, 2003
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The Sorcerer is one of the most powerful classes of magic-wielders. Like the wizard, they too use a staff as an outlet of their powers. They are best known for their lack of patience, and laziness, and the ability to solve any problem with an energy blast.
The Sorcerer lost his patience and fried his client.
by Detranova August 4, 2003
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An imaginary term created by the rich and powerful to limit your activity.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
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