When the word FREE is inserted by mistake in commercials and by salemen. The price of a product is elevated to cover the cost of "FREE" add-ons.
Incorrect: But wait!! When you order this product now, you get this other product absolutely FREE !!!

Correct: But wait!! When you order this product now, you get this other product absolutely INCLUDED !!!
by Sugadaddy1086 April 16, 2010
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Indicates a variety of ingredients to be included in a particular dish.
"Please run to the store and fetch me the includements for the pizza"

"Tristane could not complete her sandwich because she did not have a full set of includements"
by TheMitchy May 13, 2006
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one of the funniest gaming web series created in 2010. starring machinima legends guitarmasterx7 and dexterboy124, these two not-so-average gamers (and their roommate Nina) attempt to make every large game release into a joke.
Hey man, did you watch that Sanity not included episode?

yeah, i pissed myself laughing.
by Traitorblade March 13, 2011
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Moderation in all things, including moderation, sometimes it is permissible to go hog wild!
We're really going to party at ROAR TIME after exams, moderation including moderation!
by I, Wreckerrr July 30, 2021
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dis-included ˌdɪsɪnˈkloo'did
–Verb, action-verb


2009 East Super Regional

not included, excluded, not liked, punked, Johnny'ed

To not be included by your friends colleagues and family in activities that you expect to be included in.

To have been included then excluded from expectied activities
Ex.....Johnny has been "dis-included" from the Super Regional sales team......

Ex....Since he has five girls in his house, Terry has been "dis-included" from the man-club
by DuallyG January 8, 2010
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/drəɡs inˈklo͞odiNG ˈalkəˌhôl/

1.) A way to include Alcohol in the same general category as other classes of drugs

2.) To be used in place of Drugs and Alcohol
D.A.R.E. class didn't teach our generation shit regarding Drugs, including Alcohol
by TheTallestPsychonaut January 16, 2022
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