A place all people say we must look after and yet they don't look after it themselves.
"The environment is being ruined by all this polution the world is creating"
by sarah July 8, 2003
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Something for which the Bush administration has no regard, despite the fact that the degradation of our environment is leading to higher rates of cancer, asthma and other illnesses.
Bush claims to care about the environment but has tried to roll back every major environmental protectoin law that has ever existed
by Middle America March 31, 2004
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- Something we should all care about because if we don't we will die (global warming).
- Something 95% of the world population doesn't care about because apparently we all all selfish, and most of all, STUPID.
- Something people start to realize why they should care about the environment, when it comes at the very end of it all. (See stupid)
Hevick of the Bahamas didn't care about the environment, and he also thought it was foolish to and thought "why care about the environment?" Hevick's country was hit by global warming along with severe floods. Then he realized for not caring about the environment, he wasn't the only fool that caused global warming, he also realized why to care about the environment. He now has common sense.
by Caitlin13579 March 22, 2008
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1. (n.) An ancient occurrence that was once a flourishing, magnificent and undisturbed phenomenon observable across the entire globe.

2. (n.) A figment of the past that has now been obliterated by the over consumption and excessive waste of mankind, only to be replaced by an artificial, grey and oblique simulative like world.
"I heard the environment used to be all over this place. Hard to believe this air used to be breathable, and this place was filled with more than just the color grey."
by achet3 December 5, 2011
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Something Trump doesn't give a fuck about. Now, money and power are another story.
I was living the other day in the environment just like all humans do and realized that the U.S. President doesn't give a fuck about it.
by von groovy June 3, 2017
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place or spot near another place or spot. Short for environment.
My mother be gettin' all up in my environs.
Yea dude she was cleaning.
by little thunder April 13, 2020
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It means that the person you are is a direct result of how you grew up. The "environment" you were brought up in influenced the decisions you make now. Your environment makes you who you are.
So for example, product of the environment implies that if one grows up in a home full of domestic violence, one of the children in that home may become violent as well when they have a family of their own. If someone grows up in the hood, that person may become a gangster. If somebody grows up in a descent home that is filled with good resources (computer, good books, television, radio, etc.), then they are more likely to become successful. If somebody grows up in a Christian home, they will most likely become a Christian. If somebody grows up in the Middle East or in a home with Muslim parents, they are more likely to be Muslim.
by Dancing with Fire June 18, 2011
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