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someone who always expects the worst and most selfish motives out of everyone and everything. Otherwise known as experienced.
1. These charity adverts are a great way to fleece you for all your money. Those dudes living in mud was probably 50 years ago. They have schools now. And a sewerage treatment place.

2. Disneyland is great but I'm not waiting 2 hours to see ''sleeping beauty''. She's either made of plastic or some lazy cow who's paid to sleep in all day. Besides, one floor is hardly impressive for a castle.

The above are cynical examples.
by Imabasketcase April 21, 2015
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by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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Not having any illusions about human nature.
I'm so cynical I don't trust furry little animals with big sad eyes.
by kilgore trout December 06, 2003
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A man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
Cynical person: "People always smile in front of a camera"
by Dagon4 August 17, 2013
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Your required outlook in order to post on Urban Dictionary.
I think the world is shit. That's cynical enough for urban dictionary isn't it?
by HomeParkHomer August 26, 2006
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One who knows the truth about human nature and motives. May be labeled as distrustful or paranoid by naive people.
Someone who is butthurt doesn't qualify as cynical. Neither does someone who is jaded.
I never trust strangers I meet over the Internet with personal data, no matter how unimportant said data is, call me cynical.
by Neural Blade July 04, 2010
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1. To be critical or faultfinding for self-amusement.
Movie critics can be quite cynical.
by J.J. April 02, 2005
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