An exclamation proclaiming one's intent to do something of questionable nature for unkown or ill advised reasons. Often used by a group of friends while playing halo or halo 2. Also used to describe the feeling one has about a certain situation, object, or person.
Guy1 *throws plasma grenade on themselves, running into a group of enemies* FOR THE CAUSE
Guy 2"Dude why'd you do that?"
Guy 1 "Dude i dont know, i was for the causing it"


GUy 1 "Dude that test was totally not for the cause, it ranked of uncausefullness."
Guy 2 "Dude thats on the real tip"
by the cause February 13, 2007
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For the cause

Towards the groups goal. Usually something shady. Drugs, alcohol, a keg, stripper, etc.
I'm all out of dope. I need more paper to re up.
I have eighty for the cause.
by Krazykat1416 March 08, 2019
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The short form of bcause, which is a short form of because. Can be shortened further to cuz. Pretty soon it will just be cz.
he'll yell at me 'cause i wasn't there.
by gothicvamppunk October 13, 2005
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1.slang for because
2.the word someone types when they're too lazy to write because.
Person one "why did you do that?"
Person two "just cause"
by hookahhunny September 14, 2008
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wow you went on a rabbit hole of hyperlinks dditn you
cause it's free money
cause it's means: because it is
why are your hands sweaty
cause it's my gamer lubricant
by heheman12 April 19, 2021
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A phrase eminating from Glasgow which describes an individual's intention to cause damage or to generally go crazy that evening. Usually whilst smashed or battered.
What you doing tonight mate?

Going out to cause it.
by TheBald June 08, 2011
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