Any human being with an appearance or behavior so unique that their identity as a homo sapien is questionable
"Dude, what's up with Chris Kaman?"
"I don't know, that guy is a creature and a half."
by ramseygn April 6, 2007
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The ugly women/things that live in vermont. Creatures usually come out later in the evening, and prey on innocent randos under the influence. If you are ever brought back to a creatures cave late night, your a goner.
Bailey slayed a creature late night.
by BossHoggin December 11, 2008
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A creature refers to some being that is trying, unsuccessfully, to pose as a human. A person with a weird personality, strange social mannerisms, and awkward physical movements is usually called a dork, but in order to qualify as a "creature," one must be off-the-charts. Too weird to function in normal society.
"Hey look... is that kid eating a book?? Should we stop him?"
"No, leave him alone. That dude is a creature."
by Matt A. Brown July 11, 2006
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A bitchy or cunt like female who treats nice guys like shit. Creatures tend to be extremely ugly, dumb, and there faces have lots of acne. A creature can never under any circumstance be referred to by there given name.
Brady's bitchy girlfriend was acting like a real creature when she got mad at him for dressing up for a girls basketball game.
by chosenone69 October 5, 2010
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a girl who is disgustingly ugly who thinks she is hot shit but in reality looks like a creature. They usually travel in packs and avoid mirrors so they don't have to see how ugly they really are. Also to make themselves look prettier they add tons of makeup to cover up their hideous face.
Look at that girl she is such a creature.
by aypapiayay May 22, 2011
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Used to describe a woman that is extremely ugly, beyond hideous, the utmost of fankledness (see fankled), almost to the point of looking like some kind of unidentified humanoid creature.
Damn!!!!!!! Look out for that creature, bro.
by John Cocktoastin November 28, 2002
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thing, object, occasionally alive, as in furry woodland creature
have you ever gotten REALLY lonely and gone out into the wilderness at night with a candle and a bottle of barbecue sauce to find furry woodland creatures?
by pancho boy squared April 26, 2003
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