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The most powerful and successful Empire in history.

Their Praetorian Guard and Centurion soldiers even rivaled Spartans in fighting skill.

At it's greatest extent, their territory was 2,300,000 sq.mi. Stretching throughout most of Europe, as well as Northern Africa, and conquered much of western Asia.

Collapsed only because of lack of money to fund the enormous size of its almost undefeated Army.

Should NOT be confused with The Holy Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire's influence upon the law, culture, technology, arts, religion, government,language, military, and architecture of civilizations that followed continues to this day.
Carthaginians: Carthage > Rome
Roman Empire: Orly?
Carthaginians: Yarly
Roman Empire: *Sacks Carthage*
Roman Empire(Scipio): No wai
by romans August 20, 2007
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The roman domain after the takeover of the Roman Republic by the first emperor (as the majority opinion) Octavian, known as Augustus Caesar (or majestic caesar in a fairly flat translation) it was however wracked by corruption from the inside, mismanagement by many emperors, and several other factors such as rebellions, dissillusionment, legal inconsistencies, debasement of currency, fluctuating markets, an aging and entrenched bureaucracy, peasant revolt, slave revolt, constant attacks by persian, scythian, berber, calednian and german tribes, major migrations and political intrigue so farfetched that it seemed impossible to do any good for anyone. Turned christian thanks to Constantine and the empire finally split into two halves. The western half was crushed and the eastern half became the baselieia romaion or byzantine empire.
Leaders of the roman empire:
From augustus to Romulus augustus (in the west) and Constantine XIII (in the east)
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