The most powerful and successful Empire in history.

Their Praetorian Guard and Centurion soldiers even rivaled Spartans in fighting skill.

At it's greatest extent, their territory was 2,300,000 sq.mi. Stretching throughout most of Europe, as well as Northern Africa, and conquered much of western Asia.

Collapsed only because of lack of money to fund the enormous size of its almost undefeated Army.

Should NOT be confused with The Holy Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire's influence upon the law, culture, technology, arts, religion, government,language, military, and architecture of civilizations that followed continues to this day.
Carthaginians: Carthage > Rome
Roman Empire: Orly?
Carthaginians: Yarly
Roman Empire: *Sacks Carthage*
Roman Empire(Scipio): No wai
by romans August 20, 2007
The roman domain after the takeover of the Roman Republic by the first emperor (as the majority opinion) Octavian, known as Augustus Caesar (or majestic caesar in a fairly flat translation) it was however wracked by corruption from the inside, mismanagement by many emperors, and several other factors such as rebellions, dissillusionment, legal inconsistencies, debasement of currency, fluctuating markets, an aging and entrenched bureaucracy, peasant revolt, slave revolt, constant attacks by persian, scythian, berber, calednian and german tribes, major migrations and political intrigue so farfetched that it seemed impossible to do any good for anyone. Turned christian thanks to Constantine and the empire finally split into two halves. The western half was crushed and the eastern half became the baselieia romaion or byzantine empire.
Leaders of the roman empire:
From augustus to Romulus augustus (in the west) and Constantine XIII (in the east)
the roman empire is a large group fighting the evil germans. join the romans.
"oh look its the roman empire!" "yay! they will kill the germans!"
by livvylu July 31, 2022
When you take your date out to a heavy Italian dinner, then take them home, get a blowjob and push their head in until they almost puke, yell “respect the sacred Roman empire” drape them with the bedsheets so it look like they’re wearing a toga, and as you cum proceed to “baptize” them as you scream “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti
Oh man, you wouldn’t believe my date last night, totally gave her the Sacred Roman Empire again.
by Sevilla Frank December 7, 2019
not to be confused with the Roman Empire of years before, this was pretty much a non-conquering empire (by comparison). It was basically a group of 300 small territories in central Europe. This included Germany, Austria, parts of France and Italy, as well as Russia's neighbours, which later became known as the Eastern Bloc (See warsaw pact). Although not quite a country in it's own right, the hundreds of lands, known to some as the confederation of the rhineland, would unite during wartime to defend thier common interest. Although headed by a general emporer, he had little, if any to some, control over his barons, dukes and knights who declared themselves kings. It was really a pseudo-fuedal kingdom in which one part disliked the next, and did as they pleased. After more than 950 years in existance, it dissolved in 1806, the leading family continuing to rule Austria. It also lead to the creation of Germany.
The holy roman empire was known as the first reich, with the formation of germany the second. Hitler called his regime the third reich to remind people of better times.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
A holy hot messy federation of nightmarish boiling pot of hundreds of principalities, kingdoms, duchies and bishopric

known as the First Reich located at modern day Germany, the low-land Europe (Netherlands and Belgium), Austria and Northern Italy. Existed from medieval ages to the Napoleonic Wars and is one of the main causes of Europe being a bloody hell mess fuckery back then. Blame the Pope for creating this beast straight from hell.

Can be used to describe something being extremely messy.
The conference today was such a Holy Roman Empire!
by YeetusOffACliff May 12, 2020