The standard native language of a country or locality.

The everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary language.

A variety of such everyday language specific to a social group or region: the vernaculars of New York City.

The idiom of a particular trade or profession: in the legal vernacular.

An idiomatic word, phrase, or expression.

The common, nonscientific name of a plant or animal.
An example of "southern" vernacular:

"I'm fixing to do that." Meaning, "I am going to do that, without a doubt. But not yet."
by vancelxix January 14, 2005
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j chris i just lost my wallet.

**j chris is local jargin (vernacular) in berlin nh for jesus christ
by Maximillienne Tate May 30, 2009
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The common, often local, general dialect.
Or, even more general,
What is spoken.
"Every word or phrase in urban dictionary should be part of your vernacular."

Commonly Heard after accidental rhymes or verbose expression:
"Excellent usage (of the vernacular)."

Vernacular is referred to by Truly in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang
by Free Sol March 17, 2009
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its when a girl is gettin it from behind and when shes about to cum she turns around, grab the guy n tell him in a deep voice "bitch if u eva leave me ima chop ur dick of, n staple it to ur forehead!"
yo ma girl was givin me the vernacular last night!
by Sherica May 17, 2008
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A current mode of speaking that may confuse others who are not familiar with the current events and trends in society.
"We lurked out in the streets for a few hours but then she told me to come over so I came through cause it's really nothing."
"I have no idea what you said I am having a hard time grasping your contemporary vernacular."
by GENO May 8, 2013
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Refers to the broken English utilized by African slaves who learned to speak English during their enslavement in America. This form of speech became prefered by White people of the time, as it validated their belief that Africans were inferior and incapable of learning to be civilized. After a time, many children and decendants of slaves, both freed and still in captivity, utilized some form of slave dialect while in the presence of White people, but in private spoke proper English, read books, and wrote poetry.
An example of Slave Vernacular taken from Paul Lawrence Dunbar's (1872-1906)"An Easy Goin Feller":
"An' ez fur boss, I'll be my own,
I like to jest be let alone,
To plough my strip an' tend my bees,
An' do jest like I doggoned please."
by QiAmore April 20, 2009
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A dialect they speak in that sounds like a whole other language it even comes with accents. Black Niggaspeak.
nigga- yuh shawdy niggas out in the streets doing crime doing rhyme yuh
guy1- Dude what the fuck is he talking about? What language is it?
guy2- I think he's speaking English I think it's the nigga vernacular ebonics dialect.
by The bambino turner April 11, 2020
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