A group of insecure Dungeon Boss players who are knowledgeable about their leaders', Anubis and ExtremeDRodd, botting software and their leaders efforts and plans to add PvP botting functionality to it. Typical behavior and characteristics include:

(a) acting as if their botting software hasn’t been repeatedly and openly discussed in their guild chat,

(b) contradicting themselves regarding the existence of said software, the PvP plans and capabilities of said software and the number of guild members who use it,

(c) attacking anyone who says anything that they themselves know is truthful about their botting software,

(d) generating as much hateful fake news as possible directed at other guilds and their members in order to distract the community from their indiscretions,

(e) being terribly bias and inaccurate at drawing conclusions from statistical “proof” and supporting "math", and
(f) complaining about and demanding justice for a double standard when it has, in fact, been applied in their favor.
Remember the underworld? You know; that guild that fizzled out early 2017.
by ANoobBot April 11, 2017
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Techno duo DJ's Karl Hyde and Rick Smith.
by Bobby De Niro August 5, 2004
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1. Phrase often reffering to Hell, or the land of demons and evil.
2.Also meaning an area not known to the mainstream or public in which suspecious activities take place
3.Often used when reffering to non-mainstream music came from. more common term would be "Underscene"
1.Hell 2.An Occult area. 3.Musical bands such as Burzum, Mayhem, and Bathory that will never be played on American radio.
by Mikhail (Mike) July 31, 2004
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A wicked movie about the war between Vampyres and Lycans. Set in a timeless gothic city (budapest I think). The Vampyres are led by Victor and the Lycans by Lucian. Relativly low budget movie but it doesn't matter. Great cast, great action and Kate Beckensdale as Selene rocks!
Dude: Those are some wicked 9mm berettas
Other Dude: Dude, this movie rocks!
by Grim February 10, 2004
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shark underworld is the shark to the underworld you gotta be like a shark when your in the underworld.
Example: Your shark underworld aint like mine .
by TerritoryShark July 21, 2021
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First person RPG that came out around the same time as Wolfenstein 3d but featured a 3d engine, and gameplay, light years more advanced and ahead of it's time.
Ultima Underworld was first and more advanced, but ID has tricked the masses intothinking they invented 3d gaming.
by Hic October 8, 2004
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