What the uneducated and under skilled drivers call Tailgating. Its when you follow closely behind another car traveling at a high rate of speed to decrease the amount of air resistance on your awesome sports car so as to save a little money on fuel or get up more speed to slingshot around him.
"Doesn't this jerk know I'm drafting so i can save money with these outrageous gas prices??"
by Pyrosis March 11, 2008
When you attract a girls attention without even talking to her.
His insta pic would of caught her attention last night
Yeah,hes proper drafting
by Cebada July 16, 2017
A technique used in masturbating when one person masturbates to the sounds of other people having sex in another room to assist in achieving an orgasm.
Ever jerk off to the sound of your roommate having sex? I call that drafting.
by Nonzero101 December 5, 2016
See D.O.
Welcome to hell.
not pergurtory
this is the real deal.
the devil will be standing over your ass laughing at the work you slave over for hours.
drafting is ruled by a man known as Tanner
There is a slim wait microscopic chance that you will not have to stay before and after school to work so you dont fail this fucking class.
never never take this class, your friends will say hey this will be fun. hahahhahahahah

ill see you in hell
we all thought drafting was fun till my mom kicked my ass
by aaron March 17, 2004
When you're 18 years old and not old enough to have cigarettes or alcohol but you're sent out to be forced to die in a meaningless war. Without choice. That's pretty fucked up isnt it? Basically it's a death lottery that goes by your birthdate and if you win you get forced to die.
by Gage2003A3 January 5, 2020
Tool implemented by governments so that citizens of countries are forced to put their lives on the line fighting wars over values and ideas that do not necessarily reflect their own. From what I understand this is usually done randomly through a lottery system!
1. Since we don't have enough people enlisting in the armed forces we will now reinstate the draft and force you to die for this country. Ain't freedom great?
by Shawn June 2, 2004
To Draft Drafting is a term frequently used for cars, but it also can be used in other racing vehicles. If one car is following another car too closely, nearly bumper to bumper, then one might say that the car is drafting the other car. Drafting essentially is a racing technique. When cars move they create a pocket of high-density air, and a pocket of low-density air. This creates drag, which can slow the vehicle down. When drafting, a car following another car enters into and shares this bubble of air formed by the lead car. This allows both cars to gain a little more speed since both cars are sharing the same pocket of air. It's aerodynamics. But the rear driver has the advantage because of the slingshot effect, which is when the rear car moves to pass, the low pressure from the first car will suck the rear car forward. As the rear car is sucked forward, the shape of the low-density bubble surrounding the lead car will change. As the bubble's shape changes the front car is slowed down, as the air readjusts the pocket of low-density air. So what does this mean? This means the car that was once behind has used the pocket of air made by the other car to slingshot itself infront of the other car. The lead car can be passed relatively easy using this method. This means that even a slower car can draft on a faster car, share its pocket of air, then slingshot out and pass the faster car.
"That race car is drafting the leader."

"I can't believe I lost the race because that slow car drafted on me."
by Strike911 August 20, 2005