1. The term used to identify when society as we know it will de-evolve. As prices rise, this time approaches closer.

2. A joke the rich find particularly amusing. They typically laugh about this while driving their SUVs and Escalades.

3. Source of panic attacks, high stress, and sudden interest, used by various media sources to get people's attention.
1. The way gas prices are now, we can expect things to end in about two or three years.

2. I say Carruthers, do you care about gas prices? Me either! Ha ha ha!

3. Gas prices are expected to rise, be sure to tune in later today as we discuss this topic of which we will have no solutions, and give you more to gripe over.
by Pareeha2 May 8, 2006
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1. Oil companies giving us the shaft.

2. A game to see how high people will pay for gas.
These oil companies are shafting us with their 4.50 a gallon gas prices.
by Seth1788 April 2, 2008
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for more a fitting definition of this term, see "bullshit."
There's no point in spending the money for my road test when I can't even fucking drive anyway because of gas prices.
by gaspricessuckballsack April 28, 2008
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The price of gasoline which is refined from oil at oil refineries.
Because of hurricane Katrina, as of Sep. 1 in SC in the US, gas prices are $4.25 a gallon for unleaded gas. And it will only get much higher, due to the fact that several oil drills in the Gulf of Mexico were destroyed, and 4 oil refineries had to be shut down.
by george September 2, 2005
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something that republicans will use as an attack against the democrats during the mid term elections
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com March 27, 2022
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$6 a gallon
Person 1: What are the gas prices in California?
Person 2: High
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: IDK
by ihavenohandle10 April 23, 2022
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Someone who constantly complains about the rising prices of gas under the current administration. This person blames (without proof) the president for the rising gas prices. They don’t realize that the president’s policies over the economy will have little to no change on gas prices, that’s the “free” market at work.
Even though John drives a big gas guzzling Ford truck that gets 10mpg, he still is a gas price pussy when the cost of gas goes up 20 cents per gallon.
by CommiePussySlayer42069 June 25, 2021
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