Charismatic moves that leave you speechless, both on and off the court.
1. Dat nigga technique be leavin those guards suckin his shoelaces.

2. Bitch, that's the fourth time in a row you say mebbe. Don act like you ain't sweatin the technique!
by sc0ner June 8, 2010
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An abridged version of cellphone on wallet technique where you put the cellphone on top of a wallet for convenience because it can be taken with one easy swoop. A negative of this technique is that you put all of your eggs in one basket in case it is stolen. Some prefer to keep their cellphone and wallet far away from each other in case one is stolen, the other remains in tact.
(1) That's an amazing technique.
(2) Where's your technique?
(3) Pass me my technique.
by Momo Fetter January 8, 2008
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part 1 thumb in twist slap grab slap slap slice dice twice pound cream
part 2 to win the race cum on the face
part 3 suck the feet then beat the meat
part 4 then repeat
part 5 let her ride then cum inside

part 6 eat that pussy and then that bussy
part 7 she likes it rough with them handcuffs

part 8 she will must for this penis crust
part 9 make her squirt then eat it for dessert

part 10 shit on the chest and then motorboat that breast
YO JOE I did the technique on Britney last night however, Xander had to join in for part 6.
by mrpoggersman November 16, 2021
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Arrr mate have changed me teckers to this prank callin shit now am doin pyaaaaaaaaaar well

by JJeeeeshus January 27, 2011
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Doing a poo with feet up either on bath or toilet seat.
Al: I'm texting you whilst doing the technique.
by charl init March 30, 2011
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the kid that sits behind you in algebra with a graphing calculator that he's reprogrammed 4 different times throughout the hour so he can play diddy kong racing in 3D.
Lyle: Woah chris, check out this new version of windows i just wrote!
Mike: hey Lyle, shut the hell up. you're a fucking techniqueer if I ever knew one.
by Mic 1.0 April 4, 2007
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A system perfected by JP for the oral pleasure of a woman. involved "stirring the pussy with a finger" and giving the clit a "blow job."
Damn, JP did the technique on that woman and almost knocked her out. She came so hard, her head turned purple and her pussy pucker for an hour.
by Zinger May 14, 2003
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