10 definitions by Cebada

Going for one of your ex girlfriends friends
They broke up but now hes going for her friend
Proper risko
by Cebada July 16, 2017
If someone is about to do something risky, dangerous or out of their comfort zone. They may be reminded about the consequences and what they are getting themselves into by the people with them simply saying “MBJ”
I can’t do this work, I’m about to go mad
Shit man your right, I’ll calm down
by Cebada December 27, 2018
A really slutty girl that is not appealing in any way
by Cebada March 24, 2017
A word that can be used when its is very quiet,an icebreaker
by Cebada March 21, 2017
If someone did something that made you think “why would you do that
We are 16 years old and are going to start a joint YouTube channel opening Christmas presents we got each other

Don’t you think it’s a bit too late to start a channel, your moving mad!
by Cebada December 27, 2018
A haircut that can only be performed by a barber called craig. A straight,flat,short fringe with no style or texture. Quite popular in notts
I paid £10 and ended up with a craig cut,gutted.
by Cebada March 16, 2017
A group of teenagers who work very hard in school but outside school gather in huge numbers and cause chaos
by Cebada March 16, 2017