1. To masturbate by rubbing the penis, jack off.

2. To waste time in an annoying way. Goof off, jerk around, fart around.

3. A person who is distracted and wasting time. Also spelled: jerk-off

4. An insult: something you'd call a person, implying vaguely that the person is clueless or inferior.
"Joe jerks off two or three times a day."
"Last night, his girlfriend jerked him off in the car."

"Is our son jerking off again, when he ought to be doing his homework?" (Yeah, the old man meant "goofing off," but he said "jerking off." Heh heh.)

"Hey, jerk-off, quit watching the game and roll some dice."

"That jerk-off? He's a total douchebag."
by vanilla g-lotto December 22, 2004
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to masturbate/ rub the penis in an up & down motion for minutes, then sperm comes out when you're finished.
good job killing your future children.
Logan:oh yea i jerk off to some hot as fuck Alexis Texas!
John:you're fucking disgusting!
Jack:says you! you screamed in class Ally sucked your dick so hard you started bleeding!
John: virgins..
by a wild bandaid May 8, 2017
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slang for masturbating excessively
Timmy went to the bathroom to jerk off
by streetz101 October 19, 2005
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1) Your mother's only redeeming value.
2) What I do every fuckin' day 'cause I'm a sad, pathetic loser.
3) You.
1) Gee, Mrs. Smith, thanks for jerking me off!
2) Damn, that girl is hot. I can't wait until I get home to jerk off.
3) Dude, you jerk off! Get off of my nuts!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 15, 2003
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meaning to pull off too quickly, in some type of vehicle, i.e. golf cart.
"Don't jerk off!!!"
by LPGA pro May 18, 2009
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