The amazing feeling of freedom and happiness you get when you're finally rid of that one thing you detest. It's the complete feeling of liberty and resolve after being surpressed and chained.
After years of battling the terrible disease, she no longer needed to worry as the feeling of withoutness was freeing and liberating.

Once he left the home forever, withoutness set in and it was wonderful!
by suzgirl September 27, 2017
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A popular song by Eminem taken from his album The Eminem Show with a really catchy chorus and saxophone riff. The video for the song won Video of the Year, Best Male Video, Best Rap Video, and Best Direction at the MTV Music Awards. It was also included on is compilation album Curtain Call: The Hits.
"nobody listens to techno!"

"you heard without me by eminem? it's funny as hell"
by 0800 00 1066 August 15, 2008
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Back in the day when people still made sculptures, some artists made mistakes. To correct these mistakes when making a sculpture of stone, they would use a colored wax to fill in the mistake. A truly great sculpture was described as being "without wax." This term went on to be used for anything that was authentic or flawless. It is also the root of the word sincerely. Sin - without and Cera - wax. Also a smooth compliment to give to a beautiful and intelligent woman (dumb women would get confused by the sculpture reference) or a smooth way to end a letter to prove your sincerity.
by KoondoggSaints January 26, 2006
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An alternate way of saying ruthless. Means that a person is being harsh or unforgiving. Can be Said after a friend has chosen not to laugh at a joke.
Charles: "a dyslexic man walked into a bra!"
Jake: (stares at charles, stony faced)
Charles: "oh man, You are totally without ruth!)
by tphigc July 24, 2008
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When you are given the choice to use cocaine while under the influence of marijuana. Especially when you are in a public location.
Hey, do you want to go to the club with or without ice?
by Edias June 12, 2015
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