When the senior / junoir guys in highscool pick out the hottest freshman girls to get drafted for dates. They generaly choose 5 - 10 girls for this list. The list is generally written up in one of the main mens washrooms in the school.
Senior: woah that LG is pretty hot, were adding her to the draft list ASAP.
by jesssssica October 8, 2007
that loser has a huge draft in between his legs...
by PeppyAvenue March 6, 2012
the art of being clever and allow what other people thinkg
man he is cool and such a draft
by Reike July 12, 2003
The incredible rock band located in Cyprus
"...the phone is off the hook the operator is now in hell coaxing fallen angels out from their cracked white shells.."
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
john: what day is new years on?
daniel: are you stupid
john: why what did I say
daniel: wow thats just drafted
by shifosky September 29, 2007
The act of quickly following a paying driver through a toll station before the cross member falls thus blocking your otherwise mad escape OR tailgating someone very closely through an EZ Pass lane with the same intent. This tactic can also be employed with great success exiting parking decks.
Thanks to my toll drafting skills I save over $350 dollars in tolls this year while only being hit with 2 fines worth $60 and making good time the EZ Pass lane to boot.
by Tenacious Faulker January 22, 2009