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Product of an owl and a bungee cord. (See Kung Pow for reference)
What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord... MY ASS!
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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A statement of defiance or a derogatory term expressing surprise, disappointment or irritation. Usually used when someone tells you something that you just honestly can't or won't enjoy.
“The fact you have to face is that you inadvertently killed two psyker brothers with your presence. This is why we decided that the Culexus Temple would be the best place for you,” He (Briar) explained.

“Culexus my ass,” Marcella rolled her eyes, “I’d rather be back home on Epsilon Regalis, or serving in Escholan’s retinue.”
by LyassacheckList August 11, 2016
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The rude way of saying that you dont care
A: Im so sleepy bro
B: My ass that youre sleepy
A: :/
by Alishimi January 01, 2017
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Humorous/sarcastic answer or explanation for any question one doesn't really care about.
Teacher: Now, students, can anyone tell us the difference between an electron and a positron?
Me: My ass.

Mom: Why did you cover the cat in gravy and throw him over the fence into the neighbor's yard?
Me: Because my ass.

Doctor: You jumped off the roof of your house onto a tricycle? What were you thinking?!
Me: My ass.
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by Edgar Allan Poo July 12, 2018
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Disbelief, or calling someone a liar.
Kensi: I found a very easy Martha Stewart snickerdoodle recipe online.
(Deeks finds a plastic box for snickerdoodles as Kensie leaves)
Deeks: Martha Stewart my ass!
by DarthKieduss December 19, 2013
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A way of expressing disbelief. It seems to be derived from the expression "my eye!" which just wasn't vulgar.

Also used in comparison to something being described as the superlative worst.
"Single he told me? Single my ass, he had six wives. One of those Mormons, ya know?"

"I R 1337"
"My ass is 1337er than you."
by junkyardprince October 14, 2003
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