Millions of stupid people paying into a fund to make one stupid person look smart.
I'm going to play the powerball tonight even though I have a better chance of being hit by lightning twice than of winning this lottery.
by I.P. Freely Again July 25, 2012
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An idea stolen by the government from the people who ran them illegally. Many states send a percentage of lottery revenue to the public school system.
People are going to play the lottery whether is it legal on not, so why not let the government control it?
In Texas, 30% of revenue is reserved for public schools while only 7% goes to the lottery commission.
by guided fox April 4, 2005
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A tax on people who can't do math.
The odds of winning $1 million in the lottery are around a billion to one. Good luck. You'll need it.
by Proud Conservative October 22, 2003
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Another form of taxation, brillianly thought up by the goverment to help the ever growing defecit, but only effects the stupid, Also "Tax on the stupid"
Another wonderfull person willfully donates to the U.S Goverment!
by Maheecona March 24, 2005
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(n.) 1. A satanic device invented by the government to exhort billions of dollars from the populace. It might as well just be called another tax.
"After taxes, your two billion dollars of lottery money comes to...fifty-five cents. Have a nice day." "Noooooooo!!!!!!! I HATE CONGRESS!!!"
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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False hope; a tease; an "easy way out" that can never be obtained.
Billy spent $100 on lottery tickets and didn't even win that much back.
by Matt..... July 27, 2008
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A short story written by Shirley Jackson. A good but freaky plot. Was made into a very stupid movie
Hey did you read The lottery ?
Yeah, could you believe that girl got stoned.
by whatastory April 2, 2009
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