This means to say that pay something back in small amounts over a period of time.
by Adu18 May 22, 2017
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1)the place that you go when you sleep

2)utopian dreamland

3)second star to the right
"crazy night in never neverland"

"im so tired, im already in Never-Never Land"

by the.original.macprincess August 8, 2008
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when you park your car so far away that you forget where you parked when your done with your business.
guy: dude, i forgot where i parked.

guy 2: i remember, wasnt it all the way out in never never land?

by kpizzle26 April 6, 2009
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Never Shout Never is the a band with Christofer Drew Ingle as vocals, guitar & lyricist, Taylor McFee as vocals and bass, and Nathan Ellison as drums. Christofer Drew is the face of the band and the by far most known. Chris is 18, vegan, and loves his fans. He writes amazing music and also enjoys running and cooking with his girlfriend (yes, he's taken). But he is a naughty boy and can at times be caught smoking.
Never Shout Never is a blooming band with full potential and talent.
by yellowYARN! February 9, 2009
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A brilliant New Wave song from the band, Romeo Void. It was racy and innovative at the time, and is still brilliant to listen to today.

Unfortunately, a self entitled pop diva known as Justin Bieber ruined the name of the song with his little number.
David: I'm going to play Never Say Never.
Jeremy: But Justin Bieber sucks!
David: Who's Justice Beaver? This song is awesome!
*David puts on Romeo Void record to Never Say Never*
Jeremy: Holy shit, this is awesome!
by Horse Fryer February 3, 2012
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Justin Bieber movie.

Rated 1.2/10 on IMDB
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that rating on IMDB of Justin Bieber's Never Say Never
by FrodoBagginz May 3, 2011
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Another retarded "hit" made by the all too famous Justin Bieber. This movie was made to 'up' his reputation, but utterly made it worse. Honestly, this kid just looks even more fucking retarded than usual - making a biography at age 17.

Straight man: *Facepalm* Fucking retard.
by Urban Dictionary February 24, 2011
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