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this doesn't mean just talking. it means talking about dating. if you're talking to a boy/girl/member of the preferred gender, that means you guys are a thing and haven't made it official by going on dates just yet.
Person A: "So, how many people are you talking to?"

Person B: "Just Adam right now. I think he might ask me out soon."
by the greatest bitch alive September 24, 2019
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flirting with, probibly through texting or in real life at school. most likely resulting in a relationship
person A: "omg, are you talking to anyone right now?"
person B: "no, i was talking to Tom, but we're not really anymore, he's talking to Jen now"
by iamtitsmgee September 08, 2007
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talking to (v) -- to spend free time, communicate regularly, and engage in physical intimacy with someone with whom one might consider becoming Facebook official.

More detailed explanation available at
Sean is talking to a new girl; that's why he hasn't been hanging out with the guys lately.
by The Genres of My Life October 03, 2011
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